Another thing - what exactly brand new do you want? September 15, 2020 3:19 AM

By : Megaomgchen

Another thing - what exactly brand new do you want? I think game has improved immensely during the years and nba 2k21 mt coins we are coming to the point where it is hard to create huge upgrades on like present gen. It's a basketball game. You can not consider something.

The cost - yes it is large. They understand they dont have contest so they are greedy and cost is high at least at the beginning. My suggestion would be to wait for a few months because buying it today would literally not even give you new rosters, lol. Wait till nba draft, until free agency and buy it. There are often discounts which make it reasonable.And that our dumbasses still buy it every single year.

I believe everyone's been saying and agreeing that present gen 2k21 will be a copy & paste game. If you anticipate more than a very fundamental feature set upgrade, you're out of your mind. They are going to want to help sell consoles and are in the company of earning money.

2k could have literally made this the trailer and nobody could think it's 2k21

I feel like with this game they moved extra lazy, like they put the attempt to copy and paste the same shit.People are so compact, this is the way it is when you've got a next gen model coming lol, anyone who did not realize this, that's on them.It's 2020 and you're all complaining about a sports match being the same?They want to charge another $60 for a patch.That's a valid problem no matter what season it is.Still goin to play it till I get bored.Looks pretty much Cheap NBA 2K21 Mt the same as 2k21.


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