This isn't saving GP, however it's a Mr. Krabs item September 15, 2020 3:17 AM

By : Megaomgchen

What is the maximum Mr. KRABS"way/thing" you have ever done on RS to conserve gp?

This isn't saving GP, however it's a Mr. Krabs item: Pick up RuneScape gold anything lost from the GE and then sell it. Other then mine armor, Smith my weapons and my ore, chop/craft/light my logs. I made my very own trimmed masterwork set from scratch. I am not an ironman. Don't do what I did. I did this and I do not regret it. Granted, I purchased the Malevlolent to generate the trim, but I broke used my own set of Torva, mined most of my own ore, and smithed everything myself. Dare I say it gave me a feeling of achievement and pride.

Miscellenia to farm logs to get auto disassembler to get parts for charges lol that is divine. Is that not the most efficient way? That is the only way I've ever known to do it. Aren't maples the disassembles for simple? I make my miscellenia logs into boards and sell for gain, then purchase maples instead.They are among the least expensive and most generally the very best. However with the recent surge in the price of vacant fees, items like Harralander pitch could be more profitable as a result of their lower spam chance. Yes they're more expensive, but you can make more per week therefore making more income.

Was purchasing supplies for a quest on the GE and had an egg, I saw that they had been similar to 500 gp and believed"that's way too far, I'll get one my damn self" (I've more 200m) therefore that I tele'd to lumbridge and obtained one from the poultry farm, then proceeded back into there GE and continued purchasing pursuit supplies. 1-99 Herb entirely through cleaning herbs. Took forever, but I didn't view it as a loss because it was so afk that I could do it while I was watching Netflix or functioning, or performing hw, or on the telephone. I managed to wash herbs pretty much anytime I had been on my computer but wasn't otherwise able to buy OSRS gold play with RS. Also the profit was nice, I was very low level back then.

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