5 tips on how to choose the wig that suits you June 24, 2020 3:48 AM

By : popi

You’ll want to consider your budget, where you can purchase it, and how you’ll have it cut.

There are numerous reasons for investing in a quality wig. Maybe you’ve lost your hair due to cancer treatments, a thyroid disorderan autoimmune disease or age, or perhaps you simply want a look that your natural hair can’t achieve easily.

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of options out there to choose from that can have you looking fantastic in minutes.

Purchasing a wig can be a big investment, and there are some things you’ll want to consider before stepping forward. Here are 5 tips to help you get your best look:

1) Consider Your Budget

Do you have a little to spend, or a lot? There are wigs on the market for $30, and if you find one that suits you and you like it, by all means snatch it up. The only problem with a cheaper wig is that it won’t last you very long though, if you’re using every day.

A high-quality wig is normally made of real hair and these can cost you several thousand dollars. The good news is that if you’re buying a wig for medical reasons, (see #2 and #3), you might not have to pay for the entire bill yourself.

If you’re purchasing a wig for a new look on your own dollar, it can be worth dishing out for a natural-hair wig, as these tend to last longer-normally up to a few years.

If you want a new look simply for use now and then though, a high-end synthetic wig could do the trick for a lot less. For as little as $100, you could find exactly what you’re looking for. Synthetic wigs also require less maintenance than ones with real hair, and they can appear just as natural.

2) Check If Insurance Can Cover It

Sometimes insurance policies cover the purchase of a wig for medical reasons, (they call it a “cranial prosthesis”). Ask your doctor to write you a prescription, and be reimbursed.

3) Contact Your Local Cancer Society

Has your insurance policy left you high and dry? There’s still hope. If you’ve lost your hair due to chemo, check in with your local chapter of the American Cancer Society. At times they have wigs on hand for donation, and you could strike it lucky. Check out

4) Check Out Sites On Line

we recommends purchasing a wig from

For additional sellers, check out other useful sites.

5) Have it Cut on Your Head

The secret to finding a wig that frames your face perfectly is to have it cut. Yes, just like your own hair!

Make sure your hair dresser is accustomed to cutting synthetic wigs if that’s what you have (it requires special scissors), and have the extra trimmed back for an exact fit.

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