Portable Crusher is the Trend of Today January 26, 2018 3:16 AM

By : lu

Construction Waste Crusher is the trend of today. The integrative serves is the main advantage of this equipment. The installation of this equipment has eliminates the complicated operation process and reduce the material and working hours consumption. The compact design has improved the flexibility of field presence. Portable crusher can be used independently. According to the customer requirements and the type of materials in the production process, it can provide a more flexible process configuration to meet the various crushing and screening requirements of the user, which will made the transport more direct effective and the cost lower.

The disadvantages of portable crusher:

1. The increased broken reproduced link made the production line more complex.

2. The main parts are bringing from the foreign country. The domestic use experience is not enough. The supplier of the abrasion parts is difficult.

3. The operational stripping ratio is bad and the mining area is difficult.

4. The system links and overall reliability are bad, which limit the production capacity of this system.

The portable crusher that produced by company can efficiently realize the recycle of the construction waster. It greatly promotes the recycle rate of the city rubbish. The disposed construction waster can be used for the production of regenerate construction material, which not only realize the recycle of the construction waster, but also reduce the power consumption and improve the production efficiency.

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