How to operate Raymond mill January 08, 2018 9:59 PM

By : birder2525

China's non-metallic mineral capital is very rich, as an important industrial capital, non-metallic ore through the crushing process after grading can be directly used in agriculture, chemicals, paper, plastics, coatings and other commodities, ultra-fine powder in the industrial sector Widely used, has been the pillar industry of industry, milling machine functions and skills have been gradually close to the world advanced level. Raymond mill working principle is simple, milling machine manufacturer has a series of advanced skills, quality and reliable Raymond mill, by the shopping malls and customers widely recognized. 

mill manufacturer of the mill produced by the cavity of the traditional trailer analysis machine, instead of the cavity within the rotation of the two barrier out of the vertical hanging drive, not only enhanced the Raymond mill in the operation of the stability of the increase Its durability. mill manufacturer to design equipment in the destruction of the area, so that the material to be grinding has been assembled in the grinding area for useful processing, improve the grinding efficiency, together with the roller structure was updated, so that grinding wheel and grinding The rollers are able to complement each other and make them more effective and durable. 

Raymond mill to the bellows and duct of the original water level to the middle of the skew to 30 degrees, the formation of bucket shape, to ensure that the bellows, the duct has been smooth and no clogging, and then keep the required air volume stability at the same time, further increased Raymond mill main machine milling high efficiency. 

Raymond mill:

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