he word "self-protection" is considere October 12, 2018 3:01 AM

By : ylq

he word "self-protection" is considered very ridiculous by many people. They feel that the word does not apply to themselves at all and that they are not so easy to accident. However, are they correct? As the saying goes Marlboro Gold Pack, "the drowning is all about water." This kind of person is often the most likely to have an accident. was a fourth-grade classmate who accidentally fell into the water, the river was not deep, but the water was rushing. The classmate was frightened and did not know what to do Cigarettes For Sale. He was rushed to a big river beach and he had a great chance to get out of trouble because the water was shallow. But he did not seize the opportunity. The stones and stumps that were encountered again were not used. As a result, he was rushed to a large reservoir and unfortunately drowned.s to Jinan passes through the brick house of Wenyang Town, Feicheng City, because the passengers in the car are overloaded, and there is snow on the road Wholesale Cigarettes, and the bus rolls over. Two people were killed and the rest were injured. The lightest one also sewed more than ten reading these two examples, I believe everyone is deeply touched. Because people��s awareness of self-care is weak, and tragic events continue to emerge, can people realize it? No! According to the data, the number of casualties has increased year by year because of the weak self-care realize that we do not pay attention to the consequences of "self-protection"! Below, I will give life, a familiar and unfamiliar word. What is life?g in the world of the big thousand, watching the flowers blossom and fall, Yunjuan Yunshu... there are green trees and forests; listen Marlboro Cigarettes Price, birds sing in the forest; look up to the sky, it is an infinite blue sky; listen to the wind, the years are so light...dulge in nature, my heart has been touched, and I have been comprehending. In the years of growth, I gradually learned the sentiment and slowly realized the true king out the window, the grass was smeared with a touch of green, and the flowers bloomed. Life is like a touch of green, is it a variety of blooms?er said: "Life is to leave the greenhouse, independent, self-reliant flowers." Well, life must have some discipline.said: "Life is a mountain. The road up the mountain is covered with thorns, but there are also scenery along the way. At the peak, the scenery is more charming." Yes, life is a mountain waiting for us to conquer.teacher said: "Life is a stage, and you are the protagonist."e friend said: "There is a big river in the middle of life, but there is no bridge, and you are the bridge builder. When you come to the othmany explanations for life. Different opinions have different ideas; different experiences have different experiences. and I? What is life? I have to find my own life. string of great names appeared in front of me: Socrates, Archimedes, Copernicus, Edison... Their deeds tell me that life is through unremitting efforts to pursue a noble spirit. The spirit of seeking benefits for the people. Next to the book, there is a pencil. Can't help but realize, yeah, life is like a pencil, killing yourself and wrand hugged with the wind, listening to the gentle little song of the stream Marlboro Cigarettes Online. The green leaf tells me that life is a green; the sun tells me that life is the splendour after the rain; the fog tells me that life is like a silky scorpion; the moon tells me that life is like its gloom; the eagle tells I am a life, I am going to fi

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