At school, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon October 12, 2018 3:01 AM

By : ylq

At school, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon we are watching a movie. The name of the movie is "Seven Little Arhats". Although I have seen it more than once, I have different feelings every time I look at it.e was a mountain in the past, a temple on the hill, an old monk and seven little monks in the temple..." The familiar beginning began to sound from my ears. The names of the seven young monks are named after the notes of the "Multiple Comes to the West". These four little monks always don��t listen to Master��s words, and often teased the masters of rest. One day, the masters of the hike will go down to the mountain to see the patients. On the way down the mountain Carton Of Marlboro Reds, they saved the nine dragons �C the nine dragons and others are looking for treasure. I thought that the treasure was in the temple, so I planned to sneak into the temple to find the treasure as a tourist. When the young monks knew that Hugh Master was down the mountain, they were very happy, so Wu Gong did not practice, and ran out of the temple to play. When Jiulonglong and others were found to be substitutions by the seven young monks, they began to play tricks to deal with Jiulonglong and others by using the means of dealing with the rest of the masters Wholesale Cigarettes. After driving them out of the temple, Jiulonglong and others bombed the temple. They also grabbed the cockroaches and asked for the whereabouts of the treasure... The previous seven small monks could smash the nine dragons and other people. However, when the nine dragons found the golden armor, the seven little monks were helpless. When the nine dragons were about to leave, thefilm tells that the strength of unity is great. The strength of one person is always better than the power of the group. There is no saying that three smugglers have played Zhuge Liang. A family of waters raises a goldfish Marlboro Lights, and now it gives a vitality to the water. It is because of mutual giving that there is a common home Newport Cigarettes Website. Warmth is matter or intangible. It is a kind of heart. Unspeakable care, it makes no sense to be a when you enjoy that love, do you have a little bit of inner heart Feelings? They said that we don't need our dedication Cigarette Online, it is an invisible love, but they also need our concern, even if a small piece of bread is their biggest luxury, the important thing is not in the mind, after returning You will find that in fact, we are , it is more of a need for each other, because there is no "owed" between friends, why do you rely on your parents to rely on friends at home? Because friends are also the harvest and dedication of our love, friends in the society are also a safe haven for us. Despite the simplicity of his narrowness, you will feel new and warm, and your heart will be like this. With friendship, you will have It��s not because you��re drinking alcohol. If you avoid the wind, you will lose a harbor. Therefore, we must cherish friendship. Only know each other, c, initiative, I believe this world will be even better! 

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