large Raymond mill common faults and solutions March 12, 2018 9:57 PM

By : birder2525

As a new high efficiency and low energy consumption milling equipment, Ningbo mill in barite, calcite, limestone, iron oxide, clay, marble, fluorite flour milling industry has great application space. However, in the actual operation process, manufacturers who are not familiar with the equipment operation will encounter a lot of production failure, in order to solve this problem, to help everyone popularize the knowledge of the Raymond mill, we invited to the mill equipment experts to help you answer equipment Common technical problems.
Question 1: If the operation is not careful, too fast feed material blockage how to solve it?
Expert: Stuffing is a common problem and we must learn common solutions if it is not possible to guarantee that production lines are professionals in mill operations. I have a simple solution here, carefully listening to the mill's voice during the feeding process. If it is steady, the sound wave is normal, if the sound is suddenly small, it means the equipment is not working normally. It is likely that the material is clogged and the stop detection is needed to prevent the equipment from wearing. This is the way Raymond mill manufacturers recommend customers Ningbo, easy to operate.
Question 2: blower problems how to solve?
Expert: The main function of blower is to provide circulating air flow to achieve the classification of qualified materials and non-conforming materials. As a key part of the milling process, blower problems must be taken seriously. Ningbo Mill blower problems will lead to flow instability, the material can not be evenly into the classifier in accordance with the procedure. Under normal circumstances to solve this problem can start from the power supply voltage, which is an important factor affecting the instability of the blower.

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