On Sunday, I went December 06, 2018 3:35 AM

By : ylq

On Sunday, I went to the Guangzhou Wildlife Park with my the way, the sun is shining, the weather is fine, and there is no cloud. From time to time, you can hear the sound of the birds, they seem to cheer for the good weather, you can safely open the concert!ter an hour of bus, I got sick and vomited, so it was uncomfortable. Not only that, th on the way, the back of my back pain, walking limping, so ugly! soon as we arrived at the entrance of the zoo, we rushed to buy tickets Buy Discount Cigarettes. Mother shook her head helplessly and followed slowly. After I bought the ticket, my brother and I still rushed to the front, and I wanted to fly in. (Because there are too many people, we waited for half an hour, and finally went in!)n I walked into the zoo, I saw a large piece of green. Looking at the green, my mood was so comfortable, and with the light rain, it became extraordinarily cool, just like a fairyland, so charming. Walking into a point is a group of flaming birds that play and play. Look, the pink feathers are like flames. They play in the water like a fire dancing. Every flamingo is busy: a flamingo walks cautiously, trying not to stir up the water, and blinking, a small fish is in the mouth. There are also a few female flamingos, slowly combing the pink feathers, as if to show the most beautiful side, and it seems to attract some male flamingos to relieve boredom. This beautiful scene made me enchanted, so I helped them take a few group "photos."ok, the peacock has opened!" I don't know who shouted, and many tourists flocked up. My brother and I are no exception Cigarettes Sales. After drilling in, I saw the peacock open the tail like a fan. Thousands of eyes suddenly opened and stared at everyone. It seemed that everyone owed her money! She slowly walked "catwalk" and raised her head proudly Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. "It's beautiful! It's a noble princess!"ds, I won't say it, because there are thousands of birds here, the colors are bright, the hair color is dark, and there are countless. If you want to know, explore it yourself!e southeast direction, most of the tourists crowded together, and my brother and I also squeezed in to watch the fun. "Wow, it turned out to be a big brown bear!" the younger brother exclaimed. It��s very likable to look at it, and it��s very greedy. No, he hugged a tree and reached out to ask for something from the passenger. Inort while, we arrived at Shihushan. When I saw them, my good mood was reduced by a large part. These tigers, lions, lying on the ground lazily, completely lost their former prestige. The tourists next to it are a pity. I couldn't stand it, and I quickly walked on the stone to rest and eat. The sound , heavy, slow footsteps came more and more. I stood on the stone and saw two elephants, one big and one small, as close as the father and son. We walked forward quickly and thought about seeing their "father and son". All of a sudden Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, two behemoths appeared in front of my eyes. They stood with their feet and licked their noses, as if they were performing, cheering us.ros, sly eyes, pointed horns like a sharp knife, and a hard armor. There seems to be a sacred and inviolable majesty!ck and white zebras Wholesale Cigarette, light and flexible monkeys, naughty cute squirrels... and many more, make you dazzling!nk of an eye, the sky slowly darkened, and the sun father-in-law was also preparing to go home to eat. I had to rely on the "good friends" who said reluctance: "Goodbye!" 

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