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    Friends and I rented a cabin in Tahoe for a big outdoor summer adventure, but it rained the entire time, she recalled. someone brought four Magic decks and taught us all to play, and we all got addicted. It cleared up the last day, but we still stayed in and played Magic. the time Strong, who formerly worked as a photographer for Chico State and had some success with an independent comic she penned called The Black Web, was already dabbling in sports collectibles and saw the potential value of the cards.

    They would have set off an alarm if I let them live, she explained. I didn kill them all. I shot one of them in the shoulder and locked him in the armory where I found I knife and cut off his legs so he couldn run away and tell anyone. Remember? Because that so much better. I left him 50 credits to soothe his suffering, she said, giggling at the memory. didn have to do that. It was war. this point you might be wondering why I telling this little tale of family tabletop gaming in a column about video games. Simple. As we played I was struck by how our little paper and pen adventure provided what felt like infinite freedom compared to even the biggest and most open ended of video game RPGs.

    I think most peoplewould agree that this is a terrible approach to solving this issue. Many of those group members would feel awful about calling raid early or not being able to show up to a raid night, especially if they knew they were the one person that the group needed. This scenario seems ridiculous, but this is how so many guilds are treating AP.
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