Application Range of Raymond Mill
  • The desulfurized gypsum slag can be made into building gypsum powder after treated by Raymond mill. In the past, desulphurization gypsum residue was disposed by landfill, seriously polluting the environment and occupying cultivated land.

    Now the gypsum powder produced by the Raymond mill is superior to natural gypsum, which is a good raw material for making plasterboard and turning waste into treasure.

    Raymond mill:

    Raymond mill is used for crushing and drying soft and non abrasive materials, such as gypsum, chalk, clay, slurry filter cake, etc. It can also scatter, dry and calcined gypsum and flue gas desulphurization gypsum. The raymond mill has the advantages of high production efficiency and low energy consumption, and has the function of scattering and crushing at the same time of drying.

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