People with overweight problem tend to get sick?
  • Maintaining health and fitness is an important thing to do during a pandemic like today. One of the things that is important to do is maintain body weight and avoid obesity.

    Clinical nutrition specialist said that malnutrition and obesity can increase the risk of inflammation, making a person susceptible to infectious diseases.

    "During a pandemic like now, we must maintain our body mass index to be normal," some time ago.

    "Both, whether it's malnutrition whose body mass index is less than 18.5 kilograms per meter squared or obesity, more than 25 kilograms per meter squared, can increase the risk of inflammation or inflammation that makes it easier for us to catch the infection," said the doctor practicing at the Hospital.

    said, in conditions of malnutrition where a person is underweight, it is not only the risk of COVID-19 that is threatening. Diseases from other viruses also have the potential to attack the body.

    "But if we weigh more than normal, obesity has a risk of comorbidity that increase infection with the virus," said Cut.

    "So we have to keep our body mass index normal at times like now and also in the long term to maintain health," he continued.

    How to calculate your own body mass index is: weight in kilograms divided by your height in meters squared.

    "Normally we are 18.5 to 22.9. If we are in that range it is considered normal. If 23 to 24.9 or 25 are considered overweight, we must be careful,".

    "If it is more than 25, this is the risk of obesity, there are lots of foods that we must prevent such as fatty foods, reducing soda and sweet drinks or artificial sugar, if you can eat at home with healthy and balanced portions and especially increased intake of fiber and fruit , "he said.

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