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    The third suspect, Charles Thomas Newcomb, 42, was no longer working at the facility when the alleged crimes took place.. We could possibly write a book on it but for starters we will stick to SEO mistakes we frequently encounter.. In this study, we thus evaluated the effects of SF3B1 knockdown on cell growth, gene expression and splicing in a range of myeloid cell lines and performed RNA sequencing (RNA Seq) on the CD34 cells of MDS patients harboring SF3B1 mutations.Top of pageMaterials and methodsMyeloid cell lines cultureK562, HEL, TF1 and SKM1 cells were cultured in Roswell Park Memorial Institute medium 1640 (Sigma Aldrich, Gillingham, UK) containing 10 fetal bovine serum, at 37 and 5 CO2.SF3B1 knockdownThree non overlapping small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) targeting SF3B1 and two different scramble sequences with guanine content similar to the siRNA sequences (Stealth Select RNAi, Invitrogen) were used to knock down SF3B1 in myeloid cell lines.
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