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    Based on the results of two randomized trials recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, I would have to answer the first question with a strong "maybe" and the second with a definite "no". Please note that it is 5 items PER PERSON ONLY! Remember that it cannot be a scam because I am not asking for your password, I am only asking for your username.Do not fall for them! The rules state that you should not give away your password but you cna give away your username as people on RuneScape can see that.I am banning flamesfan11 for giving out his password (other fourm) and I will be banning anyone else!My friend is leaving RuneScape and he is a high rank than me in the Jagex HQ so he has direct connection to the servers from his home PC so he can give you loads of stuff./ / m all you have to do is tell him your username but NOT password and meet him on RuneScape, He will not go on his Mod account because mods cannot trade you.

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