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    At this point it's 7:30, and Wolfe has already covered his first 100 kilometers, or 62 miles. It was one result, he said, of a long term investigation that had sought out those behind the phishing attack that caught out a "few thousand" Runescape players.The biggest audience for Runescape is in the US and UK and Mr Gerhard said it was working with forces in both nations to track down the virtual thieves.Mr Gerhard said its efforts to tackle gold farming may have forced the thieves to try a different approach."Once you close one vulnerability you move the attack surface to another part," he said.

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    "But now I think the president and his team could have the chance to drive a harder bargain.". Void Seal starts out with eight charges, it may be operated eight times to deal roughly 100 life points damage on nearby targets. Users can navigate through viewpoints in a file, moving from one to another..
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