Gold ore processing process and production line equipment introduction
  • seasonal decorations and other infrequently accessed belongings. floors Modern flooring, such as an epoxy, not only looks better than cement but are built to withstand spills and stains. They are built to last and shouldn't chip, blister or peel. Lighting Get rid of the single, exposed bulb to create a more welcoming space. Replace it or supplement with track

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    lighting. A simple, inexpensive three-light track can make a difference. Accessories If the garage is used as a workout room or project room, it might be made more inviting by adding a wall-mounted television, sound system or ceiling fan. A cordless phone might provide convenience and security. fence After all that work, consider investing in a new

    exterior fence. Since the fence makes up a quarter of the interior wall space, it might be worthwhile to have the best looking fence possible to complete the look. An energy efficient fence can also keep the temperature better regulated, which will be appreciated now that you'll want to spend more time in your new garage. .. Garage One- Garage

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