Garage floor paint
  • requires something that can take a heavy beating over time. Applying the paint involves a few, albeit easy, steps. Initially the garage floor is cleared, vacuumed and cleaned before the painting begins. Some manufacturers include a concrete cleaning solution before the paint is even applied. In any case the floor is cleaned thoroughly before the base coat is

    applied with a standard paint roller. In some cases a knap may be required for rough patches. Once the base coat is applied and while it is still wet the epoxy chips are sprinkled on until they cover the entire surface. After the base coat is dry, the top coat is applied for the final shine and protection of the underlying base coat and epoxy material. Garage

    floor paint comes in several different prices from around $30 all the way up to $150 based upon manufacturer, quality, and amount of square feet that can be coated. While garages themselves range in size, 250 square feet is considered standard for a one car garage. Many home owners may not see the need for garage floor paint. But those that

    " attaching handrails to pvc decorative posts , weather resistant laminate flooring "

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