With an epoxy garage floor
  • insure that your finish does not peel. There are many different brands of concrete floor paint, with the most popular being Hot Trax, Rustoleum, Sears, Behr and Quikrete. Different people will swear by their own favorite brand of paint, but you should be able to find unbiased reviews online and come to your own conclusion on which is best. You

    can go to your local hardware store or Home Depot and ask the folks there, as well as doing some research online. Remember, however, the proper preparation is absolute crucial to a good result.Garage Floor Finishes If you have done much of any research on garage floors, then you know that adding pretty much any type of finish to your flooring

    will do a lot to protect your concrete garage floor, prevent motor oil stains, and lots of other chemical damage. However, there are also some lesser known benefits to be had with a garage floor finish, as well. If you're not sure that it's worth it yet, then just keep reading. Most Garage Floor Finishes Can Prevent Damage To Your Concrete Besides just

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