Floor Epoxy If your concrete
  • that, when mixed, change from a liquid into a solid making it much more difficult for it to re-dissolve back into a liquid state like paint can. Water and most solvents have no effect on a good, sealed epoxy surface, and they are easy to clean. Epoxy floor paints have become the most popular form of garage floor covering in areas of the country with tough

    weather. Regardless of what you do to cover your garage surface, remember that the coating is only as good as its preparation. The surface of the floor has to be extremely clean

    and dry before you apply any type of coating. There are many great kinds of concrete floor paint available today from manufacturers such as Behr, Quikrete, and others. Look for user reviews with the best feedback regarding positive experiences with particular brands. It is possible to make your cement floor look great for a long time, but it takes some

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