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  • will be more extensive.Second,garden furniture no paint Canada the degree of brand concentration of solid wood flooring will be higher. With the acceleration of the global economic integration process, the globalization strategy will be vigorously developed in the solid wood flooring industry,[url=]roof panel systems[/url] domestic brands will go to the international market, and foreign brands will also flood in, The new round of competition is also increasingly reflected in the competition of

    brands.As consumers' awareness of the solid wood flooring market is getting higher and higher,composite charcoal bbq mat the brand has become the first factor for consumers to buy solid wood flooring. If they do not make a brand, it is equal to cancer, which has been increasingly confirmed by the market.[url=]mold resistant composite decking Hong Kong[/url]The brand effect of the solid wood flooring industry will become more and more obvious next year. The market share of strong brands will become larger and

    larger. Some small manufacturers and small brands will eventually be merged and acquired by strong brands.engineered hardwood floor in a boat The three major factors of brand, raw materials and channels will be Become the core competitiveness of the solid wood flooring market, and the successful marketing channels are based on the establishment of a strong brand.Some experts predict that in the next 5-10 years,[url=]plastic decking n ireland[/url] more than half of the solid wood flooring enterprises

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