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  • How does raw material do? This is a reporter when facing honest to turn controller of company of a few wood, the first question that raise. Most wood company delivers composite deck materials sale in puerto rico the view to Russia. "Government and relevant section offer a side to help up for our enterprise ceaselessly, the enterprise also wants the outlet of oneself of positive try to find a solution.

    " into carry for, in recent years, those who face domestic timber raw material is in short supply, the company holds to the walking on two legs outside churchyard, faux balcony railing and fence panels follow closely country " one belt all the way " the development train of thought that mixes, investment bought division of Russia seaside border area 1.7 billion yuan project of company of export of the biggest lumber, obtained 49 years of right of administration of area of forest of 1.03 million hectare.

    Butt joint market -- search breach from inside the market,Go against situation and for, each shows special prowess. Magic power comes from at the market. box made from synthetic lumber This year on March 27, chamber of commerce of action of floor of first car real wood and " 10 thousand be in harmony -- wooden group tastes a news briefing newly " city is turned in honest company of estate of timber of 10 thousand be in harmony is held. outdoor deck manufacturer

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